To My Person Who Now Belongs To Someone Else

Irina Lessne
2 min readJun 5, 2020

Hey you,

Remember when we said we’d be best friends forever? Remember the laughs, the midnight munchies, the texts saying I miss you even though we just saw each other five minutes ago? Remember the late nights, the tears shed, the hugs shared and hard times embraced?

I do.

I don’t know why our paths seem to have arrived at a stop sign, but I know I am a better person for them having crossed once upon a time.

Snapchats, handwritten letters, old text messages. Saved and sorted, the physical mementos of a friendship that is still very much alive within my heart.

Remember when we would tell secrets and make promises out of pinkies? Do you ever think about the times our hearts were broken but stitched back together by the fabric and thread of our friendship?

Sometimes I re-watch the times we shared, pluck them from the corners of the labyrinth that is my mind and relive experiences that are but now ghosts of our memories.

You might not call me your best friend anymore, but you’ll always be my “person”. You’ve celebrated my accomplishments and helped bring me back to life when I found myself drowning in the murkiest of waters.

I want to thank you for being there for me through thick and thin and for reminding me of the true goodness that exists in the world.

I know you might see me as a stranger and it hurts my heart to think that what we had is all but a beautiful dream to be savored, but you have changed me for the better and for that I am truly grateful.

I hope you treat your new “person” as well if not better than you displayed kindness towards me.

I hope you listen to her when she’s upset, and that you surprise her with her favorite snacks when she could use a pick me up.

I hope you lift each other to new heights, and challenge one another to tackle new challenges and overcome obstacles.

But most importantly, my wish for you is that you do not let her slip away. Hold on to her, and treasure her for all of your days.

You have impacted me in such a positive way and it is a privilege to know you, even if we now have gone our separate ways.

You have helped me, my “person”, become the “person” I want to be for all who I encounter in my life . . . a kind, courageous and driven young woman with a strong head on my shoulders and a fiercely optimistic swagger that reverberates through every step I take.

Love and hugs,

Your Former Best Friend Who Will Forever Cherish Our Friendship



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