To My Army Of Fake Friends

Irina Lessne
2 min readJun 3, 2020


I’ll be there for you and you’re there for me too. Or that’s how they say it supposed to be.

This one’s for the friends who drift, the amigos who falter and the companions who claimed they’d never leave our side.

This is an anthem to the promises glued together with the paste of their lies. The friendships that are like stick-on earrings… there for a few days but then peel off slowly and drift away when you fall asleep.

This one’s for you. The barrel of monkeys that cling to us like bananas off a bush. The friends who were there when it benefited them and left us hanging when We needed them the most. The friends who said they’d be there yet left us walking around with our eyes blindfolded while they clasped hands with the next shiny toy they now call their best friend.

This one’s for you.

You, the one night friend. The one who’s there when they need something from us but are a ghost and impossible to seek in broad daylight when we need a shoulder to cry on.

This is for the friends of today who made promises left in the land of yesterday. The friends who came and left and never looked back.

This is for the friends who claimed they’d be like family.

This is for the friends, the foes and the fistful of forevers.

But most importantly this is for the believers. The ones who imagine better beginnings and want to write novels while others scrawl out novellas.

This is for me. For you. For us all.



Irina Lessne

Just a girl with a cup of coffee in one hand and a notebook in the other hoping to make an impact in the world