‘Sorry’ Girl Is Gone

Irina Lessne
2 min readJun 5, 2020


“Sorry . . .I . . . “ Sound familiar?

I’m officially done. I’ve held my tongue long enough. I am no longer going to feel as if I need to apologize whenever I open my mouth to speak. I have things to say and I shouldn’t continue to let close minded individuals make me feel as though I am not worthy of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

I AM worthy. So are YOU. I’ve realized however, that despite what other people might say to try and bring others down, that they can’t make somebody feel inferior without that person’s consent.

Trust me, I know that’s something easier said than done. But only YOU have the power to let someone’s spiteful words and cruel perceptions knock you down. When you are put in the position where you are made to believe that you must validate your existence to someone in order to get a point across . . . stop for a minute.

Instead of feeling like you need to apologize for existing, here are some ways you can rise above those who are unable to see the valuable gem you are, simply for being YOURSELF:

  • Realize there is only one YOU.
  • You have a voice and it is one that is worth the weight of gold.
  • You have a purpose, even if other people are unable to see it
  • You deserve to be heard
  • Don’t feel like you need to rehearse what you might want to say someone
  • You are inspiring people just by being who you are
  • You are strong but it is okay to feel weak . . . learn to embrace those moments
  • You are not limited; you are LIMITLESS
  • You are uniquely wonderful
  • Your so called “quirks and imperfections” make you into the perfectly imperfect yet completely and utterly wonderful person that YOU are
  • Making mistakes is a part of what makes us human
  • You are your own worst critic . . . soften up and learn to accept the decisions you make
  • Treat each day as a new opportunity filled with blessings and promise
  • You ARE enough.
  • You ARE beautiful.
  • You ARE and forever will be LOVED.

Like many others, I tend to apologize because I’m afraid of what might happen if I should happen to offend someone.

But trust me when I say that I’m not, nor will I ever feel or say sorry for sharing my voice, and my beautiful, vibrant and unique song with the world.



Irina Lessne

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